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Tumanyan Str.33, Yerevan, Armenia, PTA classroom premises.

English<->Russian translation: challenges and opportunities
By Alexandra Matrusova
This course is designed to enable an advancement of a career in translation and interpreting. The program aims to equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in the industry, and demonstrate all the opportunities of working in the field.

Course highlights:

> Simple, yet significant: antonyms and synonyms.
The module provides the introduction to the relationship between language system and translation activities. It is pivotal to see the possibilities of engaging synonyms and antonyms on all the levels of the text/speech and understand the diverse possibilities of these tools. Binary expressions ("war and peace", "poor and rich" etc).

> Structural tips and tricks.
A critical skill for an interpreter/translator is to recognize a possibility for the structural changes in the sentence and its application. This module introduces the theoretical study of English and Russian sentences and engages the students in the active process of structure analysis and changes.

> "Precedent texts"
The term "precedent text" is widely used in modern Russian linguistics and means a text that plays significant role in the communication within one lingua cultural paradigm. But it is always a translation challenge to find a proper way of rendering such texts(quotations, proverbs, set expressions) into the target language.

> Stylistics.
Understanding the style of the source text/speech and being able to recreate similar stylistic effects in the target text/speech are essential for any translator and interpreter. The module examines the ways stylistics influences the work with the text and the important aspects of styles in modern Russian.
Proper names: The module rests on an understanding of a wide variety of proper names and the relevant strategies of their translation. A number of proper names are discussed with all necessary comments and certain drilling through mnemonic exercises.

> Acronyms.
Understanding the role of acronyms, knowing the major ones as well as where to find and how to verify the acronyms- these are the main topics of the module.

> Business style.
The participants are engaged in a business game, each with their own role: one of the negotiators or an interpreter. The challenges and problems will be analyzed after the game and the possible strategies are to be suggested, too. Sources: The short module introduces work in MS Word as seen from editors point of view and the necessary Internet resources.

Price: 126 000 AMD



Tumanyan Str.33, Yerevan, Armenia, PTA classroom premises.

"Beyond Finance"
Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation Course
by Ksenia Kobiakova
"Beyond Finance" is an introduction into the world of financial interpretation. It encompasses a number of difficulties interpreters face when working in the financial industry (banks, government bodies, markets, accounting, regulatory bodies etc.).

Course highlights:

> Financial markets and exchange business
> Public Finance
> Financial supervision and regulation
> Theoretical economics and math
> Corporate finance
> Banking business
> Accounting and Audit

Price: 97 000 AMD
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